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BeeKaine (8831319)

Title: Would Black people around the world have taken up Kilmongers' arms?

Reason: User Banned (1 Week): Hostility + Antagonizing other members

Oh no, please, don't gun me down with your magic space weapons that don't exist. As that seems to be the only way you think you can be an activist. I mean, actual black activists something, and they didn't need a Wakanda. What are you doing? Flailing around that no one takes your fantasy about a magic African warlord killing white people for you seriously? You think you can change the world? Do it then. Those people tried. Do it for Killmonger. Go on. Kill all the white people, the women and children too. Give all minorities guns, destablize the country, and do it without being killed, of course. You don't have the excuse of the Avengers stopping you. What's your malfunction?

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