Gource [July 7]


  • Filter out buy/sell threads from Red Text detection
  • Surface and archive threads with lots of bans (generate heatmap in plotly?)
  • Merge all post tables into one, add type flags (enabling both redtext+reason fields on all posts, reducing data duplication)
  • Graph ban length
  • Improve site CSS theme


July 12, 2018

  • MISC: Pushed last update to old mirrors, they will remain inactive until there is a need for them again.

July 12, 2018

  • MISC: Increased throughput by separating scanning/archiving/deploying

July 12, 2018

  • FEATURE: Added “Actions Against User” Graph

July 11, 2018

Moved to KiwiFarms as our new primary host. Big thanks to Null. Everyone should update their bookmarks and spread the word. Not only does this protect us from takedowns (that lack serious legal basis), it enables us to create a dynamic site with features like voting. All non-Kiwi mirrors may be deprecated, and should be considered legacy.

July 10, 2018

  • FEATURE: Mirror to Netlify (unlike Neocities, Netlify will not be delayed)
  • MISC: Change how mirrors are listed in the header

July 9, 2018

  • FEATURE: Mod Actions per Thread Graph

July 8, 2018

  • FEATURE: Locked Threads
  • FEATURE: Hive Mind, Disingenuous and Dismissive added to reason graph
  • MISC: Recording threads, including if they’re locked or not (not surfaced yet)

July 7, 2018

The bot has nearly cleared out the archive backlog, done and churning through now

  • FEATURE: Surfaced VIP link in the header
  • FEATURE: Added Verified/Staff/VIP/Graphs to self-archive
  • FEATURE: Added override URL function, contact me if you want something that was missed manually scanned.
  • BUGFIX: Improved Red Text detection
  • MISC: Staff/Verified/VIP header links go to the /list page to avoid loading everything by default
  • MISC: Added some notes to the graph page

July 7, 2018

  • FEATURE: Split the Banned/Warned graph into different traces.
  • MISC: Dropped posts gathered pre-filter from GiftBot in Verified
  • MISC: Made user lists alphabetical, posts date descending.

July 6, 2018

ReeEra has received it’s first ever BTC donation! Your contribution will help pay for server costs. Reminder that ReeEra is a labor of love.

  • FEATURE: Ban/Warning Reason graph! Note that the same ban/warning can appear in multiple categories.
  • MISC: Moved to a per-user style of pages for Staff/VIP/Verified
  • MISC: Neocities resumes updating

July 6, 2018

Breakdowns of Bans vs. Warnings, and keywords contained (bad-faith, advocating violence, trolling) within coming soon!

  • MISC: Increased time-range during scanning
  • MISC: Clarified that the current graph is Bans+Warnings, not just bans
  • NOTE: I’m aware neocities isn’t updating, I’ve hit the file limit and need to reduce my total count as per my previous update.

July 6, 2018

VIP feature is running, but I haven’t surfaced it yet until it’s refined. Due to the total number of posts I will likely need to start generating single large posts per VIP/Moderator/Verified user instead of individual pages with a list.

  • NEW FEATURE: Graphs (more to come)

July 5, 2018

  • BUGFIX: More robust red text parsing, backfilled data.
  • MISC: Filter GiftBot (creating Red Text noise)
  • MISC: Hugo/Theme stuff

July 5, 2018

New features due to overwhelming demand, thanks for all the support.

  • NEW FEATURE: Red Text Posts
  • NEW FEATURE: Staff Posts
  • NEW FEATURE: Verified User Posts
  • COMING SOON: “VIP” User Posts
  • COMING SOON: General Stats Page
  • MISC: Added support for alternative post date display style (I have no clue)
  • MISC: Regenerated all post dates (not publish dates) in preparation for graphs and other analytics
  • MISC: Added support for user Rank and “Badge” (not displayed, yet?)

July 4, 2018

  • Received trademark takedown notice, ResetEra LLC takes ownership of the ResetEra GitHub account
  • Changed to non-infringing GitHub username
  • Added disclaimers and made it more obviously unofficial
  • Removed displays of my Jewish heritage from the site as per ResetEra’s complaints.
  • Created backup neocities site, added link to header
  • Created backup pastebin “re-grouping” site to about
  • Added public PGP key to about so operator can be verified off-site
  • IPFS in the works

June 26, 2018

  • More exception handling for archiving functions, was causing updates to fail.

May 24, 2018

  • Front page now shows 30 instead of 15 items
  • Gracefully fail if we can’t archive (usually TOR related), just post it without an link. This should reduce gaps in automatic updates.
  • Increased the scraping speed slightly

May 22, 2018

  • Added thread titles
  • Added post contents
  • Updated Hugo theme
  • Removed Google-hosted font

May 10, 2018

  • Added support due to ResetEra (intentionally?) breaking functionality

May 9, 2018

  • Updated HTML parsing to match new ResetEra theme

May 6, 2018

  • Fixed up bugginess involved in the scraper migration
  • Use TOR to submit to (archive doesn’t like my new IP?)
  • Added retry support to submission

May 5, 2018

  • Migrating scraper to a more permanent location, expect some bugginess
  • Removed post date since I can’t guarentee the date (for now)

April 29, 2018

  • Added unicode support to the DB
  • Removed a potential SQL injection exploit
  • Generate post date (lie) when data-time is missing from posts (why XenoForo???)
  • More exception handling (better single page thread handling)
  • Performance improvements