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Mitchman (10306194)

Title: Henry Cavill: Hesitant to date in fear of being called a rapist

Reason: User banned (1 week) Pushing false, fear-mongering narratives that negatively stereotype women.

Why the outrage? I get what he's saying and it makes complete sense. Despite gender equality and all that jazz, their is a certain level of courtship that a man is expected to follow through with, and as someone in the public eye its hard to even begin that. And no I am not saying that their is a witch hunt going on, and I fully acknowledge that their are far too many silenced victims out there that need to be given a voice and platform, but in our day and age I fully understand why he would voice distrust and paranoia. Anything from a simple pick up line to a pat on the back can be legally used against him in a court of law for sexual abuse, and there are far too many assholes out there that would use that leeway for easy cash. I mean is it really hard to understand that much?

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