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Ohto (7494863)

Title: (Leak?): Battlefield WW2 (2018)... could actually be a Bad Company 3 game.

Reason: User Warned: System wars rhetoric.

AMEN. Or do as it should be done, BC for console plebs and proper BF PC exclusive. That way they could redeem both series, instead of making a hodgepodge of compromises so you can play on both PC and console... I am one of those people who think that PC FPS should not be muddied with console gameplay. You lose the sharpness of PC gameplay with sloppier console stuff. On the other hand, pure console fps would be better than one that has PC centric stuff shoehorned in too. But that kind of stuff is dead, sadly... Oh how I miss proper PC Battlefields (after 2142 they've been hit and miss at most, 4 redeemed itself somewhat in the late stages when they made a lot of PC centric changes). Is it only me or were the maps bigger in the past too? EDIT. NO! I want one too, so badly... Maybe after there's been some breathing room with the million scifi shooters that were released the past few years... 2142 is still the best scifi shooter, Titan Assault is the GOAT gamemode after original Conquest. FUCK RUSH. FUCK IT WITH A RUSTY FORK RIGHT IN THE EAR.

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